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Discover how to instantly connect with your clients in a way that makes you money.

Lynda Steffens' Book and E-Book Accounting Revolution

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In Accounting Revolution, Lynda shares…

Lynda Steffens Business Improvement Coach
    • How she overcame her fear of not always knowing the answer to client problems and learned how to feel secure known that no matter what a client asked, she’d be able to give exactly the right answer.
    • How to connect with your clients and communicate your value in a way that clients understand, so that they see the value in advisory and want to work with you.
    • What you need to do to get a great work-life balance, reduce stress all while future-proofing your business by delivering advisory services consistently.
    • The exact step-by-step process you can take to start monetising ongoing advisory without any guesswork TODAY.
    • What you can do as you read this book to regain your excitement and love for accounting. 

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What you’ll learn in Accounting Revolution

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that you can’t offer advisory services, you don’t have enough experience, you don’t have time, you don’t have the team in place, you don’t have the right clients…these are all excuses, and you know it. Yes, of course you can. All you need is structure.

In Accounting Revolution you’ll learn how to unleash your superpowers and instantly connect with clients in a way that makes you money, simply by changing your conversations.

Who is Accounting Revolution for?

Accountants instinctually love analysing complex information and solving problems. This is what makes you perfect for the job you do.

BUT… you can’t reach your highest potential unless you know how to connect with your clients and communicate your value.

That’s what Accounting Revolution is all about.

This book is a must-read guide for any accountant wanting to evolve their current business model and run a powerful high-level accounting and business advisory service.

Accounting Revolution incorporates Lynda Steffens’ program The Small Business Project. This is an advanced three-phase program incorporating Business Metamorphosis, Leading Edge Business and Ready Set Coach programs.

Lynda Steffens is Founder of The Small Business Project

Support for Accounting Revolution

Lynda is a much needed leader in our industry – she is the person that I point to when other firm owners ask me what they should do about certain issues or how they should begin to implement advisory services. Her upbeat and positive attitude, combined with her exceptional work ethic and ability to look through situations to the root cause of issues allows her to be the ultimate advisor to accounting firm owners.

Kyelie Baxter

FCPA, Director, IQ Accountants

From the way that Lynda communicates, it is easy to see that she is passionate about the accounting industry. It is Lynda’s passion, paired with her practical experience in the industry, which resonates and will make this book one for the collection.

Brendan Corino

Accountant, Fay and Redman

Finally, someone is delivering the HOW for accountants. We’ve heard all about the why and the what but that doesn’t help with just getting on with it, refreshing!

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Business owners want and expect more from their accountants. Numbers aren’t inanimate; they tell a story and good or bad, clients want to hear that story from their accountant. Lynda Steffens knows how to take you to that place where you have the time and the know-how to engage your clients with the story.

Read this book carefully, then call Lynda and engage her services!

James Yuille

Owner, Mediaglue

When you read this book you are learning from one of the best in the industry. With understanding, patience, good humour, and honesty, Lynda is incredibly passionate about sharing her expertise and knowledge with fellow accountants and systematically revolutionising the accounting industry through her proven methodology.

Pip Meecham

Founder, Projectbox

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