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Business performance coach for introverted accountants and small business owners

Experience more joy in your business and professional journey

Introvert: n. orientation toward the internal private world of one’s self and one’s inner thoughts and feelings, rather than toward the outer world of people and things.

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Business Performance Coach

A real, down-to-earth yet simultaneously uplifting conversation, that’s how it feels to work with Lynda.

You’ll dig deep to discover your true purpose in leadership and evolve – in business and in life – to reach your highest potential.

Whether it’s through a facilitated mastermind or strategic 1:1 coaching, Lynda won’t make you try to explain yourself or how you think. Nor will she make you feel as though you have to change who you are to be successful

Step into your Superpowers

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering if you’re cut out for leadership? Perhaps the coaches you’ve met throw out words such as “sales” and “growth” with great exuberance and you’ve found yourself wanting to hide in a cave. You feel as though to lead effectively you need to act bold and charismatic. Lynda is here to show you why this isn’t true.

Leadership is a skill you need to learn, not a trait you are born with naturally. As a business performance coach, Lynda works with accountants and small business owners who are hungry to achieve more impact in the world by helping them leverage their innate strengths to achieve quiet confidence and success.

Lynda's Story

I’ve always approached the world with a sense of curiosity and wonder. As a child, I was a quiet achiever and I hated being in the spotlight. But – like most eldest siblings, I imagine – I paved the way for my siblings by doing things first and being forced into the limelight.

I always felt driven to help others, but I was a perfectionist and as a result, I was always worried and anxious; scared of failing. Of course, the world isn’t a particularly welcoming place for us introverted perfectionists, and it was only through sheer determination and grit that I managed to pave my own path in the world.

Becoming Lynda Steffens, Accountant Coach

At the core of my beliefs, I feel that every person has a place in this world, and every person has value. My purpose is to help accountants understand themselves and how they’re innately wired so they can realise the strengths they take for granted. By coaching the accountant who wants to lead and inspire others, who is driven to change and claim ownership of their worth, I feel that I’m helping accountants to fulfill their purpose and be proud of who they are rather feeling as though they have to hide.

I have a B.Bus, FCPA and am a JP(Qual). As the founder of The Small Business Project, I’ve helped over 150 accountants learn how to offer high-value ongoing advisory through my signature course Business Metamorphosis™ which forms part of our 3-phase Small Business Project certification. I’m also the co-founder of The Small Business Marketing Space, a marketing agency guiding firms in brand positioning and marketing high-value advisory services.

You can check out my advisor method book ‘Accounting Revolution’ here or check out my podcast The Public Practice Acct Club here.

Lynda is a much needed leader in our industry - she is the person that I point to when other firm owners ask me what they should do about certain issues or how they should begin to implement advisory services. Her upbeat and positive attitude, combined with her exceptional work ethic and ability to look through situations to the root cause of issues allows her to be the ultimate advisor to accounting firm owners.

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Are you an accountant in public practice?
There is something very honorable in those that have the courage and passion to help and serve others with accounting. I admire that commitment and am dedicated to see you succeed.
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Are you a small business owner?
There is something very honourable in those that have the courage, passion and belief in themselves to be business owners. I admire that commitment and am dedicated to see you succeed.
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