With Lynda Steffens and Jay Verrico

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With Lynda Steffens and Jay Verrico

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Grow your business in a way that lights you up instead of burning you out.

Get clarity, confidence and more clients in your business. Achieve personal and financial freedom as well as the impact you truly desire.

How can you take a more proactive approach to growing your business without burning out? Hint – it’s not more sales, it’s YOU.

No matter who you are or what your goals are, it all starts from within. Conscious Courageous Choices are key to understanding your potential. Business success requires you to be clear on your purpose, make decisions based on your values, and harness your passion to allow you to get where you want to go.

Business Strategy and Mindset Mastery

Do past events keep influencing your current decisions, shaping your future in ways you don’t want?

Are you feeling uncertain whether your current business strategy aligns with your long-term vision and values?

Are limiting beliefs and negative self-talk undermining your confidence and stopping you from making conscious, positive changes?

Do you struggle to balance pragmatic decisions with bold, innovative actions?

Experience the deeply transformational impact of a strategic mastermind facilitated by Business Improvent Coach Lynda Steffens and Life and Mindset Coach Jay Verrico.

Self-actualisation requires a harmonious balance of bravery and pragmatism. While pragmatism without bravery can lead to misdirected efforts, bravery without pragmatism results in action without meaningful progress.

Lynda’s approach to business strategy involves an authentic approach, deeply rooted in understanding your values. It’s about being clear on what you want to achieve and recognising your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities.

Creating the business and life you truly desire requires a commitment to intentional action, even when it involves uncomfortable changes. Jay’s approach to mindset mastery focuses on:

  • understanding and reshaping limiting beliefs;
  • developing a positive, growth-focused mindset;
  • improving mental wellbeing and resilience.

Identify and overcome the mental barriers blocking your progress and success. Change how you perceive and respond to challenges to empower yourself to reach your long-term goals and achieve the success you desire.

MyndSync Strategic: Here’s how it works…


Together, we’ll identify exactly what sets your heart on fire and inspires you most, and what impact you want to create. We’ll dive deep into your mindset, providing the space to free yourself from whatever it is that’s standing between you and what you want to achieve.


Without a clear plan, your purpose cannot manifest itself. We’ll develop a strategy to create spaciousness in your business while setting you to maximise your profits AND enjoyment in your business – because that’s what we all got into business for really, isn’t it?


Get clarity position your business to elevate your profits and performance, (can you tell we enjoy alliteration?).

Is MyndSync right for me?

MyndSync Strategic could be perfect for you if you:

  • Desire a clear, actionable plan for growth
  • Seek grounded decision-making in business
  • Aim to align deeply with your business goals
  • Wish to transform your approach to business fundamentally
  • Envision a business that thrives, even without your constant oversight
  • Aspire to build empowering beliefs and positive self-talk
  • Want to make confident and decisive choices
  • Aim to break free from old patterns and habits
  • Seek to perceive and respond to challenges proactively
  • Desire to make transformational, positive change

Applications to MyndSync are open year-round, but spaces are limited to keep the group intimate.

 Creative Collaboration

sparked the idea behind MyndSync

The brainchild of Transformational Life Coach and Managing Director of BluJay Coaching Jay Verrico, and Business Improvement Coach and Founder of The Small Business Project, Lynda Steffens, MyndSync Strategic combines the perfect blend of proactive business planning and deep personal work to create maximum impact in all areas of business and life. It’s the perfect mix of strategy, mindset, work and life – all tailored to help you find success on your own terms.

Learn more about Lynda Steffens and Jay Verrico below.

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 In Our Clients Words

About eight years ago, I decided to restructure my business and sold off some of it.

I recognised that for the remaining part to thrive, I needed systems and to employ others to do the work so that I would eventually be able to get off the tools.

This was when I engaged Lynda to help document the deeply embedded processes in my brain that were not written down.

Painfully, Lynda questioned me until we had the framework of a production system on paper, along with a breakdown of the time involved for each step. This helped us determine the fees we needed to charge to profit from our work.

Over the next two years, and with a limited budget, we documented every process in the business and used that to create an ops manual to train other people.

While this was happening in the background, I engaged Jay to help me change my mindset to that of a relaxed, confident business owner.

Today, early in 2024, I have relinquished all production responsibilities and spend my time “on” the business, seeking and developing new external relationships and mentoring my team.

I am now in a position where I can select my own working hours, confident that our systems and the people running them can cope with whatever comes along and act in the business’s best interests at all times.

The transition from technician to mentor can be done. in our case, this took five years. It was 100% worthwhile.


James Yuille



I can honestly say working with Lynda has taken my business to a level I never thought was possible. Now you know, it’s lonely running a business that you started on your own, and now you have a team, but sometimes you still feel alone. 

Lynda’s guidance and support has given me many things but the words I would use to describe how I feel from working with Lynda is like I can achieve anything, I have a strategy and firm goals. 

I’m now working like a boss, not just in production. More importantly, I see myself as a boss. 

Lynda’s support has given me the confidence to make decisions that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. 

As a result I’ve grown personally and the business is growing and I can’t wait to see where we end up in another couple of years. 

Thank you, Lynda, you mean the world to me.


Vicki Bjerring

Creative Director 

VB Designs


Jay is one of those wonderfully genuine people, who after a short conversation, can make you feel like you’ve known each other for years. What struck me was her natural ability to understand the needs of her clients quickly and succinctly without losing any empathy or understanding.

Jay has a wonderful calm nature, which helps de-stress even the most hectic of individuals. Jay’s background in the health and wellness sector, combined with her years of training and development, means that anyone looking to unlock mental blocks to success, will find the answers they are looking for.

A devoted mother and keen networker, you won’t regret speaking to Jay and taking the next steps to a whole new world of possibilities.

Rob Hawkes

Sales Coaching and Consultancy



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