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BONUS Resources

Access your bonus Accounting Revolution value-packed resources.

Lynda Steffens' Book and E-Book Accounting Revolution

Chapter 1 Resources

‘Sex, Lies and Revolution’

Listen to ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ by Salt-N-Pepa

Access and Complete Your Advisory Services Worksheet

Chapter 2 Resources

Business Metamorphosis®

Get your copy of the Business Metamorphosis® Model (Interactive Model)

Get your copy of the Business Metamorphosis® Model (Static Model)

Access the Client Introduction Script 

Chapter 3 Resources


Download the DISCOVER Script

Download your DISCOVER Meeting Template

Access your Ten Bonus Questions

Chapter 4 Resources

Time to DIG

Download the DIG Client Agenda

Download the DIG Detailed Agenda

Download the DIG Invoice Wording

Get your NOW and FUTURE Analysis Grid

Access your DIG Product Build Template

Chapter 5 Resources


DELIVER Standard Opening Paragraph

Access your Advisor Follow-Up Script

Chapter 6 Resources

Find Your Superpowers

Book Recommendation – ‘Just Listen’ by Mark Goulston

Book Recommendation – ‘Stories for Work’ by Gabrielle Dolan

Book Recommendation – ‘The Introvert’s Edge’ by Matthew Pollard

Chapter 7 Resources

Leading Edge Business

Download the Leading Edge Business®


Download the 5Ps Unpack Template

Chapter 8 Resources

PLAN: The Master Plan

Download the PLAN Client Agenda

Download the PLAN Detailed Agenda

Download the PLAN Bonus Questions

Chapter 9 & 10 Resources


Leading Edge Business Services


(N.B. You may have previously downloaded this resource in Chapter 7)

Chapter 11 Resources

Ready, Set, Coach

Download the RSC Operational Excellence Agenda

Download the RSC Team Survey Questions

Chapter 12 Resources

Step Up to Stand Out

Download the Business Metamorphosis® Introduction Script

N.B. You may have already downloaded this resource in Chapter 2.

Get your Client Information Night Checklist

Did you Enjoy Accounting Revolution?

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From the way that Lynda communicates, it is easy to see that she is passionate about the accounting industry. It is Lynda’s passion, paired with her practical experience in the industry, which resonates and will make this book one for the collection.

Brendan Corino

Accountant, Fay and Redman

Business owners want and expect more from their accountants. Numbers aren’t inanimate; they tell a story and good or bad, clients want to hear that story from their accountant. Lynda Steffens knows how to take you to that place where you have the time and the know-how to engage your clients with the story.

Read this book carefully, then call Lynda and engage her services!

James Yuille

Owner, Mediaglue

When you read this book you are learning from one of the best in the industry. With understanding, patience, good humour, and honesty, Lynda is incredibly passionate about sharing her expertise and knowledge with fellow accountants and systematically revolutionising the accounting industry through her proven methodology.

Pip Meecham

Founder, Projectbox



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